ningloreth (ningloreth) wrote,

Four Eagle of the Ninth banners...

...made for the ninth_eagle fanmedia challenge.

These were the prompts:

I've posted the first one here before, but I wanted to have them all together ;-) If they seem very small, click on the images to see them full size.

The White Horse
The main text is 'adapted' from Esca's analysis of the shield boss in Chapter VII of The Eagle of the Ninth; the quote above the white horse is from The Horses by Ted Hughes.

From the elemental land...
The text is 'adapted' (nicked and edited) from To the Ancestral North by James Kirkup.

The wet wind
The text is from Roman Wall Blues by WH Auden.

Marcus sees his land-grant...
"The Legate says that ... I am to be awarded the gratuity of a time-expired cohort centurian--paid in the old style, part sesterces, part land ... Following the established custom, the land-grant will be made in Britain..." The text is taken from the final chapter of The Eagle of the Ninth, and this is the only context in which I can imagine Channing Tatum's Marcus calling Cottia 'Cottia sweet' :-)


Great news! My eagle_rbb (reverse big bang) artwork was claimed by bunn, whose canon-era stories always have that little bit extra -- she knows about the landscape, and about dogs and wolves, and she researches the ancient cultures, and weaves in ancient folklore -- so I'm really, really excited!


If I owe you banners -- and I know there are at least three of you! -- or even if I don't, do get in touch if you want one.

Tags: banners, the eagle of the ninth
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