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ningloreth [userpic]

Dear Yuletide writer,

November 25th, 2010 (10:18 am)

First of all, thank you for offering to write a story!

What sort of stories do I like? Well, I'm not a fan of slash but, otherwise, I like just about anything. I don't personally think that ficexchanges are about getting exactly what you want, I think they're about planting a seed that another writer can grow into something everyone can enjoy. To get exactly what I wanted, I'd write the story myself; to get something that takes me by surprise and amazes me ("I would never have thought of that!"), I have to take a risk, and ask another author to write it. So please write something that you want to write, something that you'll enjoy writing, and I'm sure that I'll enjoy it, too!

Having said that, this is what I like about the fandoms I've chosen:

13th Warrior. This is one of my all-time favourite films. I often love films just for a minor character, or for certain background details, and that's almost the case with this one. I adore the character of Edgtho the Silent (the dark-haired tracker, who utters the line, "Perfumed.") I like him because he's quiet and self-contained, one-hundred per cent reliable, always in the right place at the right time, and always knows what to do. He's an alpha-beta male, a man who can lead but can see when it's more sensible to follow. He's as far from a prima donna as it's possible to be. He's the sort of male character I love, and tend to write, and I have considered giving him an equally alpha-beta female to play with.

Jurassic Park. The idea of reviving dinosaurs by extracting their DNA from insects embedded in amber deserved a special Nobel prize! Michael Crichton wasn't a great writer, but he had a talent for thinking up fascinating scenarios and populating them with characters you care about. A few weeks ago I realised that I seldom fall for book characters, one big exception being Alan Grant. And, though I like Sam Neill well enough, he's neither physically nor emotionally the Alan Grant I love from the book. I have considered pairing him with an OFC, an equally intelligent, equally adaptable, but very chic woman (who gradually becomes more and more dishevelled as the story progresses), to see how they learn to get on together.

Captain Alatriste. I've only read the first Alatriste book (in English), though the others are on my 'to read' pile, and I've never seen the film. I found this a very strange book. First, it has no real narrative -- by the end, things have happened, but you're still waiting for the 'story' to start. Secondly, we never really get to know the Captain because the narrator doesn't let us get close enough. But a couple of days after finishing the book I saw an exhibition of Velasquez paintings, including portraits of some of the characters/people who appear in it, and the combination of book and images somehow became jewel-bright. When I saw the Yuletide offer, I found myself wondering what a fanfic writer would make of the Captain.


Finally, a promise. I get really upset when a recipient doesn't comment on a fic I've written for him or her, so I promise you that I will review and pimp your fic. If I don't do so immediately, it will be because I haven't seen it. So, if you don't get a timely response, please PM me and give me a good kicking!