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ningloreth [userpic]

My first entry

April 19th, 2005 (09:11 pm)

The moment I set up this Live Journal my mind went blank and I had nothing to say... But today's the day!


Disaster has struck. My boat is now out of the water, sitting on the bank in what is termed 'the yard', surrounded by a crane (capable of lifting 20 tons), a tractor, a pile of railway sleepers (stacked higher than my roof), and a very big metal narrowboat.

And, as a result, my mobile internet connection doesn't work any more. Obvious, really, but it took me several days and many phone calls to work that out. (I was blaming Vodafone's antenna).

After a lot of experimenting, I have what the guys at work would call a 'workaround'.

If I want to email, I use my work laptop, which, for some reason (probably better technology), gets a slightly stronger signal than my own laptop and can be used from the comfort of the boat.

If I want to update my website, I pack up my own laptop, carry it over to the loo (which is at the other side of the boatyard) set it up on top of the washing machine, where I can get a decent signal, and log on. The only problem is... yes, people come in and use the loo. And that can be very embarrassing.


I've finally got into RA Salvatore's The Sea of Swords.

I had never heard of Drizzt or Jarlaxle (or RA Salvatore) until Nebride posted an extract from her Jarlaxle fiction in her Live Journal. But she got me intrigued and, after looking at a Drizzt website and admiring a few pictures of him, I scoured all the bookshops in Cambridge until I managed to track down The Sea of Swords.

I wasn't keen at first. Salvatore is no Jane Austen when it comes to prose! And it has taken me a while to get used to what I suppose is its Dungeons and Dragons inheritance -- Drizzt's magical bracers! Worn on his legs! -- and its exuberant mix of cultures, which makes you appreciate Tolkien's academic precision -- and makes me worry about the exuberant mix of cultures in my own stories...

But now, I think, I'm hooked. I'm only half way through Sea of Swords, being a very slow reader, but I plan to read the Dark Elf Trilogy next. I know that's out of order, but I'm interested in learning more about Drizzt's heritage.




I'm not sure how anyone can write RP anything but, god, how can they write RPS?

I recently saw a story with the summary x is out and proud, y is not so sure... I don't know anything about the private life of the y in question, but the x is not out as anything other than a heterosexual man. It's one thing to write Legolas slash, but a real person's sexuality is such a private thing that I don't think we, as fan fiction writers, should touch it.

And that brings me to my own dilemma.

Should I be posting my stories in a Yahoo Group that is dominated by RPS? If I stop, will it be cowardice (with a measure of sour grapes, because RPS gets all the attention)? If I keep posting, am I endorsing something I really do find unacceptable?

I can't decide.

But one final thought -- if x really was gay, would they write Real Person Het about him? I don't think so.


The absolute exception to the RP-fiction-being-too-intrusive thing is when the Ps in question are historical. (And, I think, when the writing is of high quality and the writer's intentions are entirely honest).

Capella_fic, whose work I admire very much, has just posted a short piece about Leonardo da Vinci and his (for want of a better word) companion, Salai, and managed to capture, in just a handful of words, the complex, bruised personality of Salai and his many-layered relationship with Leonardo.


Writing-wise, I'm a headless chicken.

I have two more chapters of my current story to write (all planned out, first one half-written, just fill in the blanks); I have my next story to start, called Shadowland... with a plot I'm very excited about; I have 17 (!) new scenes planned for the Special Edition of The lady vanishes; I have a new set of pages (Short stories and drabbles) planned for my website and have the first story languishing half-written; and...

I can't decide which to do so I'm doing nothing.

I need three months off work. Just imagine the amount of writing I could get done in all that time!


I went to the Caravaggio exhibition last week.

The National Gallery tried hard to stop me. All late nights were sold out, and when I tried to book a Saturday ticket online they didn't take my type of card.

They didn't realise how stubborn I am!

I decided that the only answer was to go to the Gallery on a Wednesday night (late opening) and book for the first Saturday available. But when I got there it turned out, surprise, surprise, that they had a few tickets on sale. (Actually, I was very surprised). It was absolutely packed -- unbearable, in fact. And in terms of £££ per painting (less than 20), it's the most expensive exhibition I've ever been to.

The rooms are dark and draped with fabric, and the final room, long and narrow like a church nave, contains a single painting, hung like an altarpiece on the far wall, the David and Goliath (in which Goliath is believed to be a self portrait). Very appropriate, you might think, for a series of religious paintings. Except that we weren't being invited to worship God or contemplate the martyrdom of the saints. We were there to worship Caravaggio.

And, even if they have recreated the original lighting (very dark) of a Baroque church, they haven't recreated the space. Some of the paintings really suffer because you just can't get far enough away from them.

There are five indisputable masterpieces, and the David and Goliath absolutely defies description. David's face is filled with the most poignant mixture of pride and regret...



I hate being told what to think.


While I was waiting to go in to the Caravaggio I had a look round the Sainsbury Wing and was bowled over (again) by Carlo Crivelli (fl 1468-1493). His work falls somewhere between painting, sculpture, and architecture, with important details being modelled in gesso or even carved in wood, and jewelled and gilded. I am going to use him in a future story :-)



Posted by: Sandrine's little corner (eowynangel)
Posted at: April 19th, 2005 02:03 pm (UTC)

*imagines the amount of writing if Ningloreth had 3 months off* I'm sending you good vibes. Keep up the good work !

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