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ningloreth [userpic]

Thirty eighth & thirty ninth Eowyn/Legolas stories

January 1st, 2008 (10:57 pm)

Title: Threats & promises
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: Eowyn/Legolas
Prompt: 055 spirit
Word Count: 494
Rating: R

Threats & promises


“I have your woman.”

The voice—a deep, throaty growl—stopped Legolas in his tracks. Panic had been gripping his heart (as always when Eowyn was in danger), but something about that voice, something about the way it gruffly caressed the words, was reassuring.


Trying to resist the lethargy that had suddenly begun to invade his limbs, Legolas peered at the dark silhouette—

An explosion of light almost blinded him—he raised a hand to shield his eyes—and, standing at its centre, he saw again the powerful figure of the werewolf.

“She is waiting for us.”

No… Legolas frowned. That cannot be true; she would not… “No,” he whispered.

“Come, elf,”—the growl had become a purr—“join our sport.” The creature set its clawed hands upon its hips and spread its muscular legs. “The woman is so passionate—”

“No,” whispered Legolas.

“Enjoy her with me,”—the growl had hardened to a snarl—“or watch me enjoy her with my wolves.” The creature swept its hand past the dark shapes lurking beside it and, one-by-one, men draped in wolf skins appeared in the sphere of light.

“No,” whispered Legolas, tears running down his cheeks.

But he followed the creature into the Forest.

On and on they tramped, and Legolas—his mind growing duller, his limbs heavier with every step—had no idea where they were going, no idea where they had been, only that, in their wake, they were leaving the Forest empty.


At last, the werewolf brought them to a halt, and Legolas heard its followers dump something on the ground—something that groaned—What? he wondered and, from the depths of his sluggish brain, he dragged an answer.


Then another impression jogged his blunted senses.

Eowyn! Nearby! Legolas’ spirit reached out to her—

One of the wolf men pushed him to his knees.

She is somewhere up above…

A clawed hand stroked his face. “Beau-ti-ful.”

“Where is Eowyn?” whispered Legolas. “What have you done to Eowyn?”

But the werewolf seized him by the scruff of the neck, forcing him down on all fours; and Legolas, feeling its hands grasp his waist, and unable to prevent what was about to happen, closed his eyes, tightly—

Eowyn’s anger exploded above him, like a flask of spirits thrown upon a fire, and he heard her voice ring out, loud and clear: “SHOOT!” she cried. “Shoot! Shoot! Kill them all!”

And, suddenly, the werewolf was howling in pain, and its hands had fallen from Legolas’ flanks, and at the same moment—only dimly aware of the skirmish around him—the elf felt its curse lift from his mind like mist in the sunlight, and his own anger flare up, keen and bright.

And, as he rose to his knees, already looking for his bow and white knives, he felt a beloved presence, running up behind him, and heard her voice, shouting, “Get away from Legolas! MOVE!

Title: Escape
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: Eowyn/Legolas
Prompt: 004 insides
Word Count: 568
Rating: R


Reverting to the animal part of its nature, the werewolf backed away on all fours, baring its teeth, and growling.

Its head, thought Eowyn, holding its gaze, I must take off its head. Automatically, she rotated her right hand, extending her arm and readying her blade for the strike—

“Melmenya, get down!” Legolas’ voice, sounding fearful but commanding, took her by surprise; then his full weight, hitting her from behind and sending her sword flying, pinned her to the ground as a hail of arrows fell from the trees above.

Haldir and his warriors had arrived!

Eowyn heard the werewolf howl; and she lifted her head, and saw it—pierced in the forehead, neck, and twice in the chest—rise up on its hind legs, holding its clawed hands aloft, and roaring—

Then Legolas pushed her down again, and she heard a second and a third volley of arrows find their targets.

Nothing could survive that, she thought. Not even a demon.

But when Legolas released her, and she looked again, the werewolf’s body was nowhere to be seen.

“None of our warriors is injured,” said Haldir, as he and Gimli dealt quickly with the aftermath of the fight.

Eowyn, still crouching beside Legolas, drew out her hunting knife and cut a strip of silk from his tunic. “I have promised to give this to Hobbie,” she said, slipping the knife into its sheath, “when we get back to the camp.” She wound the cloth around a deep scratch on the elf’s arm.

“Thank you, melmenya.”

“We have one changeling—” said Gimli.

Eowyn glanced at the bloody creature, bound to a tree with several lengths of rope and, for good measure, a torn-up jerkin, as it sat, eyeing its captors. She shuddered.

“—one unconscious human,” continued the dwarf, “also bound, and one dead human—both of whom, for the present, seem content to remain human.”

“Master Dínendal will clean and dress this properly,” said Eowyn, “when we get back to the camp. Does it hurt?”

Legolas shook his head. “It is just a scratch.”

“Sirs,” said Osgar, urgently, “you must kill the changeling and the human whilst you have the chance—and you must make sure that the dead man is really dead.”

“How?” asked Haldir. “We have seen that arrows have no effect.”

“I have heard that a silver dart will kill them for certain,” the man replied, “but, failing that, you must strike off their heads.”

Eowyn frowned. How did I know that? she wondered.

“Easily done,” said Gimli. Seconds later, his axe fell on the dead man’s neck.

“Do not kill the others, elvellon,” said Legolas.

Eowyn heard Gimli growl. “Are you feeling all right, Lassui?” she asked.

The elf smiled. “I am fine. How are you, melmenya?”

“A bit bruised.”

Legolas leaned forward and pressed his lips to her forehead. “Thank you for saving me again, Shieldmaiden.” He looked up at Haldir. “Tie the man to a tree,” he said, “then get our people up onto the flets. It will be light soon—the werewolf will not return until nightfall.”

He turned to Gimli. “These creatures do not like being up in the air, elvellon, they are bound to the earth—to the soil. In the trees, we will be safe; and when they come back for our captives, we will be waiting, with silver arrows.”

“How do you know so much about them, Lassui?” asked Eowyn, softly.

Author's Note: Parts 38 & 39 of an ongoing story, which is itself part of a Legolas/Eowyn ‘soap’ that can be read here


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Posted at: May 31st, 2010 04:30 pm (UTC)
Eowyn love Faramir always and forever!

Fake pairing!They are not couple.Legolas does not love Eowyn and she is totally in love with her true husband Faramir.
Faramir/Eowyn=best couple!

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