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ningloreth [userpic]

Some Bonkers-ness and Questions 12 - 14

September 21st, 2018 (01:41 pm)

I'm not sure whether a person living alone in a house with lots of funny dark corners is bound to go batty but, over the years, I've often felt there is someone else living here too. Last night, I found my bedroom window wide open and, although many of the strange things I find are obviously things I've done myself and forgotten, I am absolutely sure that it wasn't me who opened the window. Anyway, the open window, and something odd in the bathroom, prompted yet another search of the house. In the roof, part of which has been converted into a child's bedroom, I found the little door to the rest of the roof space, open. I immediately closed it and jammed some stuff in front of it... Then I thought, as I was coming downstairs, "If there is somebody living in the roof, I've just killed him!"

One of the perils of writing murder mysteries :-)

(Now I'm thinking it must have been the wind that blew the door open, and probably sucked the window open, too, somehow).


I answered the following questions last night but, as I was about to post them, my computer crashed. It's been doing that a lot since a major Windows 10 update a couple of weeks ago. The Microsoft Support site says it's a hardware fault and that I need a new processor. I think it's suspicious that when I began typing 'Windows 10' and the error message into Google, it came up as the first option, just as if lots of people had recently been Googling it... Hmm.

Anyway, here's the next batch of answers, as best I can remember them:

12. What is your aesthetic?

Cut for lots of pictures...Collapse )

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