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ningloreth [userpic]

The Subsequent Life and Opinions of Thomas Haxby, Chapter 1

September 20th, 2018 (09:22 am)
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It's ages since I've posted any writing here, so I've decided I'll gradually add a few of the Draco/Hermione stories I've written recently, plus the story I'm currently writing (and have been for over a year!), The Subsequent Life and Opinions of Thomas Haxby.

Harlots is a tiny fandom; I'm the only person on AO3 writing this pairing in English! The TV series is set in 1750s London, where one in five women, it says, makes a living from sex. It follows the adventures of a group of prostitutes, and its message is that, although women are always at a disadvantage in 18th century society, if they're willing to use their sexual assets, with skill and with some luck, they can still have agency. The women refer to themselves as 'harlots' as a positive alternative to 'whores'.

This story is a sort of spin-off, giving two of the characters their own adventure, which starts in the middle of an AU season two. It's called 'subsequent' because, in canon, poor Mr Haxby suffers a disastrous 'change of circumstance' at the end of season 1 (and doesn't appear in season 2).



Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Thomas Haxby/Charlotte Wells
Summary: Mr Haxby is obsessed with God, eternal damnation, and Miss Charlotte Wells—though not necessarily in that order—and Miss Charlotte Wells is looking for a man she need not pretend with.
Author's Note: The entire story so far is already posted here.

Chapter 1...Collapse )

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