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ningloreth [userpic]

Aaaargh! And Questions 5 - 10

September 19th, 2018 (01:21 pm)

Good God!

One of the reasons I never joined in the '3 good things' meme that was popular a while ago is that I'm a very glass half empty sort of person -- a bit of an Eeyore, really, except that I also get stressed.

You've been warned!

Anyway, every year I buy tickets for several Vancouver Canucks ice hockey games, and every year Ticketmaster makes me jump through a different set of hoops.

This year, I got a special code from the Canucks, allowing me to book a day early. It came yesterday afternoon, whilst I was in the office, and the email displayed a clock, counting down to 7 pm (11 am Vancouver time) -- Bugger! -- slap in the middle of my journey home. No problem, I thought, I'll set an alarm on my iPad for 11.15 pm, so I don't forget, LOL, and book the tickets the moment I get home.

Just outside Stafford, at about 9.00 pm, the train stopped. And stayed put. For over an hour. The signal box had, apparently, caught fire -- a first for everyone, it seemed, especially the very enthusiastic young Train Manager, who kept bing-bonging us 'to keep us on the same page'. After an hour or so, it was decided that the driver should move from the front engine to the rear engine -- a difficult manoeuvre, we were told -- and back us up about 2 miles, then turn us off onto the Stoke-on-Trent line. We got to Manchester at 00.16 -- I made a careful note -- 140 minutes late, as I said on my delay refund claim.

I'd missed the last tram, so it cost me £30 to get back to my car by taxi. Once we reached Prestwich, the driver was in uncharted territory and stopped to phone a friend, whist I sat watching the clock tick over. Eventually, I managed to persuade him that I could give him directions...

By then, I'd decided that it was best to leave the ticket buying until the morning. After a miserable night, due to my new next door neighbour's smoking in bed -- how does smoke come through a brick wall and, more to the point, how do I stop it? -- I tackled Ticketmaster Canada.

This year, the only option they gave me for delivery was 'Go Mobile'. Your phone, they said, is your ticket.

No it effing isn't! First, I can only install a Ticketmaster UK app on my phone, which seems to know nothing about my Ticketmaster Canada account. Secondly, when, in desperation, I tried to 'Text my Ticket' to my crappy little phone, all I received was a link to the Ticketmaster Canada website -- and I daren't open that because they have Draconian security measures in place to foil ticket touts, so who knows whether, if I open it now, I'll be able to open it again next March?

Canada's a long way to go only to find that you don't have a ticket to the event you've gone the long way to see.

I've emailed Ticketmaster Canada, asking if I can change delivery to 'Collect from Venue', which is what I've had to do for the past two years, thinking that that was inconvenient! Gone are the days when they just sent you a pdf, you kept it on your computer -- or in, my case, on multiple computers, including the office server, and on various storage devices, just to be on the safe side -- admired it periodically, then printed it out and handed it in at the door. Bliss!


I've decided to post my stories here, like I used to, so don't be surprised if you see a second post from me today!


A few more questions.

5. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?

Goodness! The cartoon I watched most was probably Tom and Jerry, because it was shown at tea time. (My dad had built a special shelf over the dining table for our TV, so we were a very progressive family: back in the '60s, we were watching TV whilst we ate!) I remember, at school, being asked to draw up a list of violent TV programmes and being surprised when most people listed Tom and Jerry. I realised I'd never thought of it as violent because the violence obviously wasn't real. (Interestingly, the teacher agreed with me. I wonder if teachers would now?)

I think the cartoon I liked the best was Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The only thing I remember about it was that they were searching for Arnie Saknussen. I still sometimes think I might come across Arnie Saknussen when I'm trying to find the loos in some restaurants.

6. What’s your favourite cartoon now?

I don't have one as yet but, when I was making the goody bags for writerconuk, I found myself intrigued by Pixie Barefoot's favourite fandom, The Mysterious Cities of Gold... So I've bought the DVD!

7. Do you read the newspaper?

Not regularly. I read the Metro on the train, and I like The Week. But I'm a historian by nature, and -- although I have strong views -- I'm not much interested in the details of the present.

8. Who was the last text you sent to?

LOL, me! See above. I don't text, on the whole. I sometimes Instant Message, but I prefer to Skype.

9. What does the last text you sent say?

"Click the link below and sign in with your [email address] account to view your Vancouver Canucks vs Ottawa Senators tickets."

10. If you could have any hair colour what would it be?

My hair gets whiter by the day and my brother, having seen a woman with pastel coloured streaks in her hair, suggested I should do something similar. I have bought some hair chalks but, so far, I haven't had the nerve to try them!

11. Do you like nature documentaries?

No. I avoid them like the plague unless they're about dinosaurs. Even then, they have far too much death and misery in them for my taste. I understand that when you're filming live animals they'll kill and get killed, and they'll eat and get eaten, but why, when you're creating the animals in CGI and as puppets, and can make them do anything you want, would you show them suffering?

I don't like seeing bugs in close-up, either!

My dad loved nature documentaries, though, so I watched a lot of them as a child and I think I got a bit traumatised.

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