September 16th, 2018


Teddies! And sweaters.

I have not posted here for well over a year, but at writerconuk, last weekend, I said I was going to make an effort and start again... Well, it's taken me a week to get myself into gear -- typical! -- and, to be honest, I never seem to have much to say but, now that I've made a start, I'm going to make an effort.

I had a lovely time at writerconuk. There were 21 of us, some were old friends and some new -- and there were some I've known on LJ for years but never met before, which is one of the great things about that sort of event. kazzy_cee gave us a talk about film and TV lighting, and now I'm noticing the effects she pointed out, especially the shadows from slatted blinds and, last night, a modern example of lighting the character's eyes in a sort of letterbox effect, which was an iconic feature of the original series of Star Trek. kazzy_cee also led a discussion about why we're involved in fandom and what we love about our favourites, and showed us some statistics which suggest that many of us are already a bit old for fandom ;-) hils and signe_chan gave us a talk about ice hockey fandom, which introduced us to some surprisingly slashy promotional videos made by the clubs. I've never encountered anything like them before; maybe the Vancouver Canucks organisation is particularly staid! Plus hobbituk led us in one of her craft sessions, and we each made a tissue box illustrated with photos of our own favourite characters, which I just might have put next to my bed, so I get a good view of the hero of the fic I'm currently writing when I wake up in the morning.

I do intend to write up my own talk (about Dialogue) this year -- honest! -- but first I thought I'd post some pictures of the teddies I made for the goody bags.

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I thought it would help me keep posting if I did one of the memes kazzy_cee and hobbituk and brutti_ma_buoni have been doing, so here is the first of the '100 Questions'.

One hundred questions may take me years!

1 Do you have a favourite sweater?

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