ningloreth (ningloreth) wrote,

Sooty and Sweep

Do you remember Sooty and Sweep? They were a sort of soft toy version of Laurel and Hardy.

I still love Sooty's body language :-)

And it seems they're still going strong, though I should imagine they're a bit less anarchic these days.

As a toddler, I had a very special relationship with Sooty because my cot mattress was decorated with little images of him (basically being naughty) so, to me, he was somehow mine, but he was on TV! I don't think my parents ever worked out why I kept pulling back the bottom bedsheet.

They never bought me a Sooty puppet, but I did have a Sweep.

And this is how my mind works, especially under Lockdown: I'm thinking about my childhood > I remember my Sweep puppet > I remember losing him walking to my grandma's house > I remember how upset I was, and start to feel sorry for my younger self > {I have a light bulb moment!} > I check out whether Amazon sells Sweep puppets...

A few moments later, a Sweep puppet and a Sooty puppet (because two don't cost much more than one) are on their way to me!

I should really have been born a millennial.

So here is my very own Sooty puppet, filmed with my right hand while my left hand is, er, encouraging him to move:

And here's the true hero of the story, Sweep:

(Not sure what he's saying; maybe he's complaining about the cold).


Still no gas, but I think I'm getting used to the lower temperature. And I've found a good way to warm the kitchen up a bit -- run the tumble dryer every so often!
Tags: lockdown, tv

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