ningloreth (ningloreth) wrote,

Pinky and Perky have a new home!

Pinky's the lighter coloured one, Perky's the darker one with the bigger tail.

It's very different from the old one, wider and less deep, and I don't like it as much -- so far -- but the fishes seem happy. They particularly enjoy playing in the bubble streams, which seem stronger in the new tank. I was worried about having to disconnect the bubble-thingy from the pump to feed the tube through the hole in the new lid, because there's a valve in the tubing that's always been a bit dodgy, but maybe turning it off and on again has fixed it ;-)

Moving two fish and 60 litres of water from one tank to another took an hour and a half and (eventually) three Muck Buckets -- it turns out I can only lift 30 litres of water at a time! -- a set of Ikea steps, a plastic mixing bowl, a washing up brush, a salad spoon, three saws -- none of them any good -- part of a children's play mat -- because the new tank doesn't have a proper base like the old one -- some effing useless siphon tube, a very large quantity of kitchen towel, and some surprisingly impressive moves on my part.* I was expecting to be totally crippled today but, so far, all is good apart from a tiny cut on my thumb.

*I'm not slim, fit, and flexible any more, like I was when I used to do Jane Fonda's Advanced Workout, Callenetics, and Cher's Resistance Band Workout -- sometimes one after the other -- but it seems I still know all the moves, and I think Jane Fonda would have been proud if she'd seen me balancing on one foot and lifting the other high over the piles of boxes blocking my way to the play mat, which was, of course, in the very farthest corner of the extremely full box room. I was like a fat Catherine Zeta-Jones working her way through the laser beams.

When I ordered the tank, I also ordered one of those photographic backgrounds and... a Chinese dragon!

Isn't he lovely? He's coming on Friday.

The background was supposed to arrive before the tank, but the tank was three days early. I don't know if I'll be able to slide it into place somehow. If not, the fishes will have to do without.


My brother sent me this video:

I'm just hoping 'my' cats don't see it and get ideas.
Tags: cats, fishes

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