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ningloreth [userpic]

Teddies! And sweaters.

September 16th, 2018 (03:55 pm)

I have not posted here for well over a year, but at writerconuk, last weekend, I said I was going to make an effort and start again... Well, it's taken me a week to get myself into gear -- typical! -- and, to be honest, I never seem to have much to say but, now that I've made a start, I'm going to make an effort.

I had a lovely time at writerconuk. There were 21 of us, some were old friends and some new -- and there were some I've known on LJ for years but never met before, which is one of the great things about that sort of event. kazzy_cee gave us a talk about film and TV lighting, and now I'm noticing the effects she pointed out, especially the shadows from slatted blinds and, last night, a modern example of lighting the character's eyes in a sort of letterbox effect, which was an iconic feature of the original series of Star Trek. kazzy_cee also led a discussion about why we're involved in fandom and what we love about our favourites, and showed us some statistics which suggest that many of us are already a bit old for fandom ;-) hils and signe_chan gave us a talk about ice hockey fandom, which introduced us to some surprisingly slashy promotional videos made by the clubs. I've never encountered anything like them before; maybe the Vancouver Canucks organisation is particularly staid! Plus hobbituk led us in one of her craft sessions, and we each made a tissue box illustrated with photos of our own favourite characters, which I just might have put next to my bed, so I get a good view of the hero of the fic I'm currently writing when I wake up in the morning.

I do intend to write up my own talk (about Dialogue) this year -- honest! -- but first I thought I'd post some pictures of the teddies I made for the goody bags.

I made twenty-seven in total and, once I got into a rhythm, it was a lot of fun to do, especially when I sewed on the little faces and each teddy came to life, with a personality all of its own:



When I'd finished, I really missed making them -- for a while I was 'at a lewse end' ;-) -- and I could see that, if I wasn't careful, I was going to get too attached to them, so I shut the poor things away in a box:


Here's one waiting to be put into a goody bag and go to his new home. He looks impatient, or perhaps he just can't breathe properly in the cellophane!


This is Swee'pea, my muse, modelling a fair isle sweater and contemplating a career as a Danish detective:


Here he is dressed for Christmas, and with his own teddy:




And here he's checking out some of the clothes I made for the raffle:





I thought it would help me keep posting if I did one of the memes kazzy_cee and hobbituk and brutti_ma_buoni have been doing, so here is the first of the '100 Questions'.

One hundred questions may take me years!

1 Do you have a favourite sweater?

These days, I seldom wear sweaters because, being well-insulated, I'm usually too hot. I do have a beautiful blue tie-dyed 'sweater' from Joe Browns, which is really a tunic that flares out at the hem with godets (I think they're called -- triangular panels) of different fabrics. If you saw me you'd know immediately a) how inappropriate that is for someone of my current shape and b) how much I love that sort of thing! I bought it to take to Vancouver. It was a tiny bit tight but I loved it so much, I didn't return it because they didn't have any in the bigger size, and one day...

So I suppose the sweater I did take has to count as my favourite. It has horizontal stripes of hot pink and red, and has decorative ties at the hips:

pinkand red.jpg

Incidentally, did you know that vertical stripes aren't slimming? In fact, they just encourage people to estimate your width:


(Apologies for the crappy sketch). I learned that in Scientific American ;-)

I've been knitting since I was six, and I've made lots of sweaters, but I think my favourite was the one I made for my niece's birthday when she was about four years old. I wish I'd taken a photograph of it. It was an Aran pattern, knitted in 4-ply so it was very delicate, with horizontal bands in different cable patterns and, along the hem, a fringe of little triangular points. She absolutely loved it but when she grew out of it her mother gave it away.

Of all the sweaters I've made for myself, the one that sticks in my mind was from a pattern I found in a women's magazine, using cheap acrylic wool from Woolworths. (The amazing thing about Woolworths was that they always had cheaper versions of whatever was trendy -- I suppose I should say 'on trend' -- and was being promoted in the magazines, so I can't imagine why they went bust). The sweater had one of those big, loose, roll necks that were popular in the late '70s, a deep welt and deep cuffs, and the body was knitted in thick, horizontal stipes of sky blue, burnt orange and sunflower yellow.

I do like some colour!


Posted by: Karen (kazzy_cee)
Posted at: September 16th, 2018 05:48 pm (UTC)
blah blah blah

The aim of every teacher is to impart knowledge you did not have before..... my work here is done :)

Those teddies have set a precedent! I love mine!!

It was a lovely weekend - I can't believe the whole week has gone so fast!

Posted by: Hobbit uk (hobbituk)
Posted at: September 16th, 2018 07:22 pm (UTC)

*is excited*

So nice to see you back posting again... it was a lovely weekend, wasn't it? Can't believe it was just a week ago. My teddy has taken up residence on the shelf above my bed with the other teddies I have. I think he likes it there.... (his name is Theodore, by the way)

Posted by: ningloreth (ningloreth)
Posted at: September 16th, 2018 11:28 pm (UTC)

Yes, it was a great weekend. Only 51 weeks till the next one :-)

Theodore's the perfect name!

Posted by: ningloreth (ningloreth)
Posted at: September 16th, 2018 11:25 pm (UTC)

Yes, your work is done, except that I can't remember the name for 'light that looks like it's coming from outside', and for 'light from things in the scene (like Lucifer's bar)' :-)

I'm so glad that people liked the teddies!

Edited at 2018-09-16 11:25 pm (UTC)

Posted by: Karen (kazzy_cee)
Posted at: September 17th, 2018 07:31 am (UTC)
blah blah blah

Light coming from outside is Motivated light.

Practical lighting is stuff like the lamps in a room, a computer screen or the lights in Lux and Lucifers bar in the apartment.

Posted by: ningloreth (ningloreth)
Posted at: September 17th, 2018 08:45 pm (UTC)

Thanks :-)

Posted by: Carrie (rivertempest)
Posted at: September 16th, 2018 07:40 pm (UTC)
Clue OMG Ms Scarlett

OH MY GOODNESS! Those Teddies are so adorable! I would have a hard time parting with them as well! And the clothes! God, so talented!

Posted by: ningloreth (ningloreth)
Posted at: September 16th, 2018 11:31 pm (UTC)

Thank you! I've still got 6 left, which made parting with them a bit easier :-)

Posted by: Ree (reetinkerbell)
Posted at: September 19th, 2018 03:27 pm (UTC)

I am glad you had such a wonderful time at the Con! I really hope that I can join in one year, but it is difficult with it being just as the school year starts up for me (at uni) and because it is always around my birthday (except for this year!). But it's something I've wanted to do for a long time!

I can't seem to be able to view your photos; they showed up on my page before I opened your post into it's own page. I even turned off my adblock in case that was what caused the issue, but it didn't help. It seems I am the only one who has a problem with it? Not sure what's going on, but in case someone else mentions it!

And I'm glad you are posting! It makes me kind of sad to see LJ so empty after years of constant activity. I understand why people have moved elsewhere (and if it weren't for a few very specific and important communities I would probably never visit either) but it is sad. LJ was such a huge part of my life for so long!

Posted by: ningloreth (ningloreth)
Posted at: September 19th, 2018 08:37 pm (UTC)

I was thinking that it might be difficult for you to come in September -- and that it will be even more so when you're working. We deliberately hold it after the school holidays, though I'm not sure that any of us have school age children, and I think all the teachers are retired these days.

You're not the only one who can't see the pictures: they don't appear on my iPad, or on my laptop if I use Chrome, either. I think maybe there's a security problem between LJ & the website that hosts my pictures, which some Browsers don't like. I've checked and re-checked the html and that's OK. It could be a problem with dramione_duet banners :-(

Yes, it is sad that LJ's so quiet. I'm hoping that, once I get into the swing of it, I'll be able to keep it up.

Posted by: Ree (reetinkerbell)
Posted at: September 24th, 2018 07:32 am (UTC)
Don't Stop Believing

It does make sense to hold it after the summer, if not only for the fact that more space is available and hotels are more likely to agree to deals during a shoulder season.

I hope it works out! I tried to whitelist this page (I have AdBlock) but that didn't help so I know that wasn't the issue either.

Good. :) I might not be able to keep up with commenting on your posts (I check in about once a week, maybe twice) but I am glad that you are committed to it!

Posted by: Nebride - Bishie Hunter (nebride)
Posted at: October 10th, 2018 01:40 am (UTC)

The teddies are adorable! I didn't realize that you knitted. You're really good at it. I never got the hang of knitting, though I gave it a try for several months. Think I'm not coordinated enough to run two hands at once. I do crochet though - but nothing fancy.

Posted by: ningloreth (ningloreth)
Posted at: October 10th, 2018 10:31 am (UTC)

My grandma's friend taught me to knit when I was about six -- she was babysitting me and I think it was a desperate move to keep me occupied! She must have been a very good teacher, because she taught me to knit, do stocking stitch, and do a k2p2 rib in an afternoon.

I'd love to be able to crochet. I have some lovely patterns for shawls. Maybe when I've done the blanket!

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